CBD Shop: Fb, Insta, Influence campaigns

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We’ve signed a contract with a CBD/HHC franchise operating in Germany and Austria. The shop had the best result of $48/order earlier, so we understood we had much to improve.

Our approach:

  1. Landing page creation. Landings always convert better than e-commerce shops themselves for new customers. We also added a “Quick order” option that consisted of only a name and a phone number option.
  2. Facebook & Instagram campaigns. Our team has designed dynamic creatives that mention CBD/HHC words, so people won’t miss that with classic supplements. The creatives were designed in accordance with ad groups’ interests, age, etc. Additionally, retargeting campaigns were also launched.
  3. Influencer marketing. We’ve parsed a database of Instagram influencers that may potentially be interested in promoting CBD/HHC products. These were the accounts of wellness & alternative medicine bloggers, CBD/420 enthusiasts, and techno/rave influencers.


  • Total ads budget: $7400
  • Avg cost per order: $4.37 (performance)
  • Total orders: 1692


ROI on influencer marketing: 119%

Wanna have the same results? We’ve got you covered ;)




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