Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet: User Acquisition in Tier-2 Countries

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A cryptocurrency mobile wallet company was seeking to increase installations and user adoption in tier-2 countries. They approached our digital marketing agency to create an effective user acquisition strategy.

Our approach:

  1. Integration of Attribution Service (Appsflyer): To accurately measure the performance of our campaigns, we integrated a robust attribution service, Appsflyer. This allowed us to track and attribute installations back to the specific marketing channels and campaigns.
  2. Dynamic Creative Production: We developed dynamic creatives in both English and local languages, ensuring our ad content resonated with the target audience. Localized creatives played a crucial role in engaging users effectively.
  3. Cloaking Service Implementation: To prevent Facebook bots from flagging or banning our ads, we set up a cloaking service. This ensured that our ads reached their intended audience without any disruptions.
  4. Audience Targeting: We analyzed and parsed a database of individuals likely to be interested in cryptocurrency and launched lookalike campaigns. These campaigns were designed to reach potential users who shared characteristics with the existing user base.


  • Total Ads Budget: $3,500
  • Cost per Install (CPI): $0.27
  • Total Installs: 12,950
  • Activation Rate: NDA ;)

This campaign exceeded the client's expectations in terms of installs and also set the stage for future growth and user engagement in tier-2 countries.




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